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I’ve done a bunch of sessions over the years on beginning XNA game development but for the Orlando Code Camp I did a major revamp of the presentation and created a new set of demos which build upon each other to make a great start to a game, at least as much as can be covered in an hour.

I have packaged up the powerpoint presentation, very detailed demo script, and source code and made it available here:

The topics include drawing 2D sprites, frame based animation, handling input, playing sounds, and using the Microsoft ad control.

Feel free to reuse all or part of the presentation and demos, my only request is that if you re-present or publish anything that you provide proper attribution and a link to

I had a great audience today for my presentation on using C++ and XAML to create apps for Windows 8, I wasn’t sure what the interest was going to be like but it turns out that a lot of C++ developers are interested in learning about developing apps for Windows 8.

Overall I thought the presentation went OK, I ran out of time and had a couple of glitches with the demos but the good news is that I’m making all of my materials available including slides, demo script, and source code. You can download the package here:

Feel free to take pieces or all of this and use it as you want but if you republish or use it in a presentation I would appreciate attribution and a link back to my blog.

I’ll be taking some of this material and creating posts out of it in the near future.