Bill Reiss is a Windows Platform Development MVP and a Senior Consultant for AgileThought

Developing games for Windows Phone or Windows 8? Check out

I’ll be posting more details about this soon, since I’m going to be using Buddy APIs for my new Windows 8 game, but I wanted to let game devs know about Buddy if they’re writing games for Windows Phone or Windows 8 and want to provide a networked high score system.

It’s been a bit of a sordid history for networked high score systems for Windows Phone and Windows 8. OpenFeint (now Gree) promised support and had a private beta but never released anything. ScoreLoop released Windows Phone support, were bought by RIM, promised they would keep supporting other platforms, and today said don’t worry Android devs with no word of Windows Phone.

Even Microsoft tried to help through the Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games, but that offering has died off as well. So what’s left? You can write your own high score server, but you need to worry about spoofing and other attacks and you need to protect your keys, etc.

Or you can check out that provides an API for Windows Phone (7.1 and 8) and Windows 8. does a lot more than high scores, such as analytics, messaging, location services, etc.

What makes Buddy very interesting is that you can get 500,000 API calls for free PER MONTH, and if you sign up for Nokia’s Premium Developer program for $100 a year that is doubled to 1 million free per month. They also support async and await on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Their game services offering is very robust and they are very open to feedback, so if it doesn’t do what you need they might make it happen.