Bill Reiss is a Windows Platform Development MVP and a Senior Consultant for AgileThought

Microsoft MVP for another year and the road forward

This morning I received word that I have been renewed as a Microsoft MVP (what’s an MVP?) for another year in the Silverlight competency. I thank Microsoft for this honor and especially with some other high profile people not getting renewed I’m humbled to be recognized for the 6th year in a row. This award is based only on what contributions the individual had over the past year, definitely a what have you done for me lately thing.

I was more concerned about this year than any other since the first because of the uncertainty about the future of Silverlight, significant changes in the people involved in the MVP program for Microsoft, and because some individuals involved in deciding who will be a Silverlight MVP are no longer with the company. I also had not been blogging as much about Silverlight (or in general) because I love digging into less traveled territory and much of Silverlight had already been covered so it was unclear where I could provide value. So I spent more time promoting Windows Phone to developers, and found other ways to contribute to the community.

With all that being said, this is very likely the last year I will be a Silverlight MVP. Before I was a Silverlight MVP I started out as an XNA MVP when it was very new, then jumped on Silverlight when it was first announced. Following that pattern, my current interests revolve around Windows 8 and Windows Phone, with more interest on the Windows 8 side since it’s so new and there is more of an opportunity to provide valuable (at least I hope it’s valuable) information to the community.

I think that combining C++ with XAML is very interesting, and will be digging into this a lot, along with C# and XAML for WinRT. And of course I still have a strong love for indie game development so I’m very interested to hear what’s on the roadmap for writing games in managed code for the Windows 8 Store. When this becomes clearer I’m sure I’ll be covering this as well.

I think the next couple of years will be a very exciting time for software developers with incredible opportunities and I’m looking forward to see where we end up.