Bill Reiss is a Windows Platform Development MVP and a Senior Consultant for AgileThought

Windows Phone Developer Promotions for September

There are so many great promotions right now for Windows Phone developers in the USA (and some in Canada). Here are a few, please leave any more you know of in the comments and I’ll add them. I’ll do another one of these next month.

  • Rich Dunbar, Lead Nokia Developer Ambassador, is holding a drawing for the flagship Lumia of your choice (1020 or any of the 9xx series phones). All you need to do is have published a Windows Phone app or any update to an app in the last 6 months, basically anything related to uploading a new XAP to the store. Deadline is Sept 30, details here: Even if you’ve entered a previous drawing with Rich before, you can submit the same information for this drawing as long as that app was updated or new in the last 6 months. (USA and Canada only)
  • Microsoft is doing their Tech Affiliate monthly drawing, where you can win cash in the form of gift cards. For this one you need to publish a new Windows Phone or Windows 8 Store app in September. Enter here: (USA only)
  • Nokia is running a Nokia Create contest with great prizes, this one goes through December: (Worldwide)
  • If you do not yet have a Windows Phone app in the store, when you are nearly ready to publish, I (or your local Nokia Developer Ambassador) can give you a Nokia Premium Developer Program token which includes a Windows Phone Store membership for a year and other great products and services. Just contact me as your app nears completion for details. (USA and Canada only)
  • Also when you publish your first app, once it is certified and in the store you qualify for a free Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. This is not a drawing, anyone who publishes their first app in the USA or Canada qualifies. Contact me for details. (USA and Canada only)
  • You probably know about by now but if not, it’s a free site where you can register and get rewards for doing the things you’re doing anyway when developing for Windows Phone. I almost have enough points for two 1020s right now through the DVLUP program. (only in a few countries, check to see if you qualify)
  • Harsha Deep Reddy

    too many promotions restricted to US and Can …

  • Sacha Olivier Bruttin

    Why are all these incentive available only in the US? What about the rest of the world?

  • Bill Reiss

    I can’t control where these promotions are available, but I don’t think that means I shouldn’t tell the people that can take advantage of them. I’m sorry I wish they were available more places too. Nokia Create is worldwide, and DVLUP is expanding to more countries pretty often, I know running a worldwide promotion is a lot harder to set up for legal reasons and also for logistics, so that is why it probably doesn’t happen as often.

  • Ali Daneshmandi

    Hi Bill,

    My first WP8 app has certified and I am going to make it public today or tomorrow,

    Store beta link:

    I am from Canada So how can I get the Lumia 800?


    • Bill Reiss

      Sorry I missed this earlier, where in Canada?

      • Ali Daneshmandi

        You made it man via the email. :)


  • ososystems

    It’s a pity so many dev promotions are US/Canada only. I am happy however that DVLUP program is now available in my country.


    My newest Windows Phone game: