Your Xamarin Forms apps need to migrate to .NET MAUI by May 2024

By | September 8, 2023

UPDATE: Good news, Xamarin Forms was unexpectedly updated to a newer version of XCode and Android SDK. You will not have any access to new APIs, and official support for Xamarin Forms is still scheduled to end May 2024. That being said, even after this deadline, you will now be able to update your Xamarin Forms apps until the device manufacturers stop supporting the new XCode and Android SDK.

I have been helping several customers over the past few months migrate from Xamarin Forms to .NET MAUI. This post is an alert to anyone that hasn’t started this process yet, you need to get going. In May 2024 Apple will stop support for the latest version of Xcode that is supported by Xamarin Forms, and Microsoft has no plans to update Xamarin Forms to a newer version of Xcode. Soon after that, Google will be stopping support for the latest version of the Android SDK that Xamarin Forms currently supports.

What this means is even if you have an existing Xamarin Forms app in the App Store or Play Store, once these deadlines hit, you won’t even be able to publish updates to your Xamarin Forms apps. It’s crucial to your business to migrate to .NET MAUI, and time is running out.

As I mentioned above, I have been involved in several migrations to MAUI, and I can help you too. Please reach out.

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