New Samples Calling OpenAI from Blazor and MAUI

By | November 17, 2023

Recently I recorded two videos for Microsoft dev/Radio on YouTube, one for calling into OpenAI from .NET MAUI, and another from ASP.NET Blazor. The goal of these is to show how easy it is to get started with OpenAI, and I step through process from starting with the default project templates for Blazor and MAUI, and then adding everything we need to call into OpenAI.

Here is a link to the code on GitHub: billreiss/breiss_DevRadio: Samples for DevRadio episodes (

MAUI Video:

Blazor Video:

These samples are based on Alvin Ashcraft’s sample on Microsoft Learn you can see the original post here: Tutorial–Create a recommendation app with .NET MAUI and ChatGPT – Windows apps | Microsoft Learn.

Thank you to Matthew Calder who allowed me to appear on dev/Radio, check out his other content related to AI and other topics.

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