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Which version of .NET MAUI should I be using?

Here we are in September of 2023 and it may not be obvious whether you should be using the stable version of Visual Studio or the preview version. Also, things have become a bit more complicated with the announcement that Visual Studio for Mac is in maintenance mode and will go away eventually. First of… Read More »

Templated Controls in .NET MAUI

Let’s say you want a custom control in .NET MAUI where the look and feel can be completely described in XAML and doesn’t require any platform specific rendering. You can easily do this using a ContentView. If you Add New Item, you can choose a .NET MAUI ContentView (XAML). And this will generate a XAML… Read More »

Accessing Xamarin Forms App Properties in .NET MAUI

There were two primary ways to store preferences in Xamarin Forms. You could use either App Properties or Xamarin Essentials Preferences. Both are similar, with key/value pairs that are stored somewhere that the application can access, but private to the application. You could remember a username, store application preferences like colors and other customizations, and… Read More »

.NET MAUI Release Delayed to 2022

Good news and not so good news. First the good news. A new Preview for .NET MAUI became available on September 14, 2021. There are several changes, with the most important being that MAUI is now integrated into the workload installer (as an optional package under the Mobile Development workload) and you can now create… Read More »

Blazor in .NET MAUI

In 2011, the Microsoft Build developer conference rocked the Windows developer world by pitching JavaScript and HTML as the preferred way to develop applications for Windows 8. It was seen as a betrayal by many loyal .NET developers, and there was a lot of skepticism about Microsoft being able to lure web developers to develop… Read More »

.NET MAUI and the MVU Pattern

Since the early days of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) on Windows Vista, XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) has been the primary way to do UI layout in .NET for desktop, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and Xamarin Forms. XAML is an XML representation of a .NET object, most commonly used to represent the user interface. XAML is… Read More »

Aloha, .NET MAUI

UPDATE: This post has been updated to the latest version of the VS2022 preview. If you are a Xamarin developer, it’s pretty likely you have already heard of .NET MAUI. If not, I’d say the best way to describe it is that it is a successor to Xamarin Forms. I say a successor instead of… Read More »